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$AMT is avaible for swap and trade on PanckakeSwapV2 with 6.50/7.00% as Slippage!

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Also $Amethyst is listed on Booged and DexTools !

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$AMT is avaible for swap and trade on Flooz Trade

$AMT & How to Buy Our Tokens?

Amethyst Green Token is a Deflationary, cross-chain, Bep20-Bsc Token, issued on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that aims to create an entire cryptocurrency, DeFi, next-opportunity and very full and secure ecosystem. from a decentralized exchanger, to the possibilities of do yield farming, staking, farms, liquidity of $AMT Exchanger via our Dapps. Liquidity of $AMT is locked (Forever) until 2025 and contract is very SAFE, $AMT trading has been started from 1 September, 2021, but we are still in the Pre-phase.
Below here or in the FAQ, you will find all the links to check the blocked liquidity, the contract and everything one wants to check.
For check permanent Locked Liquidity: HERE

$Amethyst Green Token, Avaible on PancakeSwap as BSC/BEP20, We are also VERIFIED on Blockchain page: HERE

Experienced and Professional Team

Meet and get to know our professionals who manage the $Amethyst Green Token project!

12 years+ of experience in cryptocurrency and developing

Christian Garofalo

Founder and developer

20+ years in legal and marketing business


Legal Director

25+ years of experience in business, ceo of SYMPLE Srl and energy manager of a great sales vendor


Co-founder & Marketing Admin

25+ years of experience in business and marketing, ceo and president of big company.


Suistinable Manager

$AMT & Partners DeFi Exchanger/DEX smartphone application

Furthermore, in addition to our roadmap, we are and want to developing the Exchanger/DEX application of $Amethyst Ecosystem with our partners, for Android / IOS. Where you can monitor your $AMT and also use the Amethyst Token/Cryptocurrency EXCHANGER via your smartphone, check other currency to swap, to trade, check the staking, farms and lot of other things! keep updated!

Read also the WhitePaper V1.0 if you want to have more details of the project or our roadmap.

Our Projects and Market stability

We Bring together Marketplaces, DeFi and Cryptocurrency

The ultimate goal of $AMT is to create a great and big cryptocurrency ecosystem and to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of services from crypto market to finance with our own Blockchain, DEX (Decentralized Exchange), Yield farming platform and other/future projects and platform, of course, with our big partners too! do your own research, we will not be responsible for any losses. Please read HERE for Legal & Risk.

Read also the WhitePaper V1.0 if you want to have more details of the project or our goal, roadmap.

   Amethyst Tokenomics 

Our Token have a Max supply of 100 Bilions (But only a limited supply, 7% is and will be avaible for market the rest will be burned every specific date togheter at the community) and our $AMT have a total of 6% full FEE (For every Trade) 2% Redistribuited to every $AMT Holders every second, 3% Auto-Locked on the Liquidity Pool, and 1% will be burned! (10% of Max Supply, 10B already burned at $AMT trading launched the 1 september, 2021) We at $AMT, we will do ALL the better for Masterize and Developing for the FULL $Amethyst Cryptocurrency & DeFi Ecosystem






Auto Blocked on LP