– FAQ’s

1) When did the $AMT Token start?

  • Amethyst Green Token was created on August 7, we are still creating our big ecosystem following our roadmap, 2, September 00:00 am GMT of September 2021, trading has started on PanckakeSwapV2! All liquidity was blocked until 2025! you can check for yourself by clicking HERE ! and now we will start with manual burns! (10B Already Burned!) We are also VERIFIED and CONFIRMED on Blockchain, BscScan.com

2) How to buy & sell $AMT ?

  • You can buy Amethyst ($AMT) on PanckakeSwap, Just click HERE and you will find yourself directly on PanckakeSwap with $AMT ready to be purchased and / or exchanged with Bnb, Btc and other crypto of course ! Remember to enter slippage at 6.50% / 7.00% before buying,Follow screen below for more accurate information. / (1) Once on PanckakeSwap, click the settings wheel as per screen number 1. (2) As per screen number 2, click the marked box and set “6.50%” Or “7.00%” and exit the settings. (3) As per screen number 3, now enter the amount of BNB you would like to buy for $AMT and then click on “Swap” (4) As per screen number 4, now you just have to confirm the transaction by clicking “Confirm Swap” (5) And Finally, as per screen number 5, Accept/confirm the transaction in your wallet and you are done! will have traded BNB for $AMT, or other crypto pairs for $AMT





And you have succesfully buyed $AMT from PanckakeSwapV2.

3) Trading chart of $AMT & information ? Here the list!

  • Amethyst Green Token ($AMT), can be found and is ready to be bought or sold on PanckakeSwapV2,
  • About the Trading Chart and all market information of $AMT you can found on DexTools, BoggedFinance,PooCoin etc… The important thing is that we have blocked, until january 2025, ALL the liquidity for maximum transparency, safety and reliability on PancakeSwap, you can buy/sell $AMT with 7% as slippage
  • Plus Tips, join in our official TELEGRAM group and with /price you can see the trading chart  and more informations on our telegram group too!

4) How search and import our $AMT Token on TrustWallet:

  • Open TrustWallet, in the home click at the top right as shown in the photo and add the Amethyst contract number, this: 0xb318ccc045e618eebb9abae3fd2c46b31bf31490  ( This way you will have your AMT address to deposit or withdraw )  OR simply add it by clicking on: Add custom token as in the photos below, enter correctly the information that you will also find below and you are done! and you will have your $AMT wallet on Trust Wallet.

  • $AMT Contract Adress : 0xb318ccc045e618eebb9abae3fd2c46b31bf31490
  • Name: Amethyst Green Token
  • Symbol: AMT
  • Decimals: 9
  • Then click DONE and you have correctly added AMT in your Trust Wallet, so you can receive and send $AMT.

5) How search and import our $AMT Token on MetaMask

  • Just open MetaMask and SWITCH from Ethereum Mainnet to BSC Mainnet (If you don’t have BSC Mainnet on Metamask network list, just check HERE the easy steps for insert it) then click on “ADD TOKEN” and add contract number,name and decimals, or follow the screen below (Same as TrustWallet)
  • – 

6) Where can the $Amethyst token be found ?

  • Amethyst Green Token, can be found and ready to be bought or sold on PanckakeSwapV2, about the Trading Chart and full market information of $AMT you can found on DexTools, BoggedFinance, etc… The important thing is that we have blocked, until january 2025, ALL the liquidity for maximum transparency, safety and reliability on PancakeSwap, you can buy/sell $AMT with 7% as slippage

7) AMT Token Contract Adress (BEP20-BSC):

  •  Contract Adress by BSC Blockchain of our BEP20-BSC, cross-chain $Amethyst Green Token:  0xB318ccc045E618EEBb9AbAe3FD2c46B31bF31490
  • Liquidity Pool locked until 2025, can be checked by clicking HERE, (We are not a memecoin to pump and dump or made speculation, just to clarify)

8) Things to KNOW:

  • Our $Amethyst Green Token tokenomics has a low tax but a good Anti-Whale system, 2% will be redistributed to all $AMT holders on , 3% Auto Blocked in the liquidity pool, and 1% goes to burns in a dead address, plus, we will proceed with the initial burns of a small % (15 Bilions of %AMT already burned, worth 150k$) and over time, we will burns more and more so we have 2 burn mechanisms and 6% of total tax, obviously it is not a financial advice we are inducing to buy ours coin, do your own research and draw your OWN conclusions. Legal & Risk

9) What is decentralized finance (DeFi)?

  • Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a system by which financial products become available on a public decentralized blockchain network. That makes them open to anyone to use, rather than going through middlemen like banks or brokerages. Unlike a bank or brokerage account, a government-issued ID, Social Security number, or proof of address are not necessary to use DeFi. More specifically, DeFi refers to a system by which software written on blockchains makes it possible for buyers, sellers, lenders, and borrowers to interact peer to peer or with a strictly software-based middleman rather than a company or institution facilitating a transaction.
  • Multiple technologies and protocols are used to achieve the goal of decentralization. For example, a decentralized system can consist of a mix of open-source technologies, blockchain, and proprietary software. Smart contracts that automate agreement terms between buyers and sellers or lenders and borrowers make these financial products possible. Regardless of the technology or platform used, DeFi systems are designed to remove intermediaries between transacting parties.

  • Though the volume of trading tokens and money locked in smart contracts in its ecosystem has been growing steadily, DeFi is an incipient industry whose infrastructure is still being built out. Regulation and oversight of DeFi are minimal or absent. -Invstpedia

10) How do I get the reward distributed from $AMT?

  • You will only have to keep $AMT in your wallet! without doing anything else! and with every transaction and / or trade made by all other people, you will receive 2% part directly on your wallet! So after purchasing $AMT the more you hold it and the more $AMT bonus you will automatically receive! All this because our token is Deflationary! (the higher the value of all your $AMT is, the more $AMT you will receive as a reward, simply holding/heeping your $AMT in the wallet.